Remember former UNLV Basketball Coach Jerry Tarkanian? His son Danny Tarkanian ran and lost a race for state senate in Nevada, due in part to the defamatory statements of his opponent, Democrat Mike Schneider. The end result of the Tarkanian defamation lawsuit, Schneider pays 150K. Read more, see photos, and a video below.

Tarkanian Danny

Danny Tarkanian

Danny Tarkanian practiced law in Nevada leading up to this race. His opponent took advantage of the fact that help set up businesses for clients that ran scam telemarketing operations, stating that he was directly involved. The truth, he had nothing to do with it other than setting up a business entity for a client.

Mike Schneider even went as far as to accuse Danny of being involved in the UNLV Basketball scandal of his father. This all occurred in a 2004 election for state senate District 11 in Nevada. Since then, Tarkanian filed a lawsuit for libel and defamation.

Schneider Mike

Michael Schneider

He finally got his vindication Friday when a Jury handed down damages of 50K to Tarkanian. The next phase of the trial would have been analysis of punitive damages, which could have been as high as $300,000. In the end, Schneider settled for $150,000.

This is pretty significant. Politicians will now undoubtedly use great caution when throwing out accusations without real evidence. Is this good or bad? The jury is still out on that one.

Danny Tarkanian Video