John Edwards is the latest of the Democratic Presidential hopefuls to play the universal health care card. Earlier today Edwards revealed bits and pieces of a plan that could cost American tax payers up to $120 billion a year in order to pick up the medical tab for an estimated 47 million uninsured fellow citizens.

Edwards plans to fund this program, at least in part by eliminating President Bush’s tax cuts for people who make more than $200,000, and by requiring employers to cover every worker or contribute 6 percent of each worker’s income toward coverage they buy on their own.

Edwards also intends to curb the rising cost health care by creating new tax credits, expanding Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, and by rewriting insurance laws in order to require insurance companies to provide coverage for everyone, regardless of any conditions or pre-existing conditions that might otherwise prevent them from qualifying for health insurance under current conditions.

I am happy to see that Edwards is going to force insurance companies to accept all that apply for coverage, especially since he also intends to require every citizen to get coverage, unless they have financial or religious exemptions.

If I thought Edwards had any chance at all of getting the Presidential nomination, or a shot at becoming Hillary’s number two, I’d be a bit more concerned over this nonsense than I am now. This whole universal health care issue is nothing more than “a chicken in every pot? politics that is a lot less about reality than it is about perception.

We live in a society that always seems to have its collective hand out, expecting the government to drop a few crumbs in it from time to time in order to keep us coming back for more, and the Democrats are more than happy to exploit our “me first? mentality. In this election cycle, every Democratic contender will promise some form of socialized health care, and sadly, a lot of our peers will take the bait.