The National Constitutions Center in Philadelphia was the site of the Kathleen Sebelius Arlen Specter Town Hall yesterday; and the fireworks are officially underway. The crowd, mostly anti-socialized Obamacare definitely let Sebelius and Specter know what they thought.

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Sebelius Specter Town hall

This incident is getting scant coverage in the media; which is predictable. Conservative pundits have been predicting uprisings at town halls where Democrats dare to hold them. Sebelius who is the Health and Human Services Secretary and former Governor of Kansas didn’t know what hit her. Specter, was well, Specter. Clueless.

In the video a man asks Sebelius alluding to John Conyers of Michigan, if Congressmen can’t even read bills how do we expect them to overhaul the entire healthcare system. The crowd erupts into applause and cheering. Kathleen Sebelius’ only response is “I am not a member of Congress, I have never been a member of Congress”. Nice one Kathleen, you’re only a member of the President’s cabinet for crying out loud.

The Sebelius Specter town hall only escalated from there. Arlen Specter, former rino and current democrat from the state of Pennsylvania began to try and explain his side of the story. He of course exacerbated the situation by telling the crowd that they have to make decisions fast based on the length (sometimes 1000 pages) of the bills. The crowd then begins to shout Specter down, “No you don’t”!, “Why”!

The Kathleen Sebelius Arlen Specter town hall is only the beginning; the liberals in congress and around the country know that this piece of trash legislation is in trouble. Check out this piece I found at the Daily Kos today, you can detect the fear in the authors writing. He of course blames it all on “tea baggers” who are “anti-reform” and well organized. Sorry, just concerned citizens who don’t want to see their country transformed into a socialist state.

I hope that we are able to report incidents like the Sebelius Specter town hall everyday here, this legislation is a travesty and needs for free thinking and freedom loving Americans like you and me to stop it.

Sebelius Specter town hall Video