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OJ Simpson

Here is an interesting report that the Nevada Supreme Court may release OJ Simpson while they consider his case on review. What is interesting is that OJ has already been convicted of holding some folks up by gun point in a Las Vegas hotel room. The request that the Nevada Supreme Court is considering is whether or not to let him out on bail while they consider his appeal. This is a very bizarre move in my opinion and I’m not sure why the court is even considering this. I don’t practice law any more, but when I did, I actually practiced in Nevada and I can never remember the Nevada Supreme Court (a pretty conservative court) hearing a bond/bail case for someone who has already been convicted.

Indeed, the prosecutor argued in front of the court that the jury has already made their decision and that they should let their judgment stand outside of extraordinary circumstances. Simpson is currently serving a 33 year sentence for kidnapping and assault. The Court should not interfere with this verdict unless there is some amazing piece of evidence that shows that the jury was wrong or tampered with. I see no reason for OJ to get out right now (what’s he going to do, keep up his search for the real killer?). I’m somewhat amazed and astonished that the court would even consider the motion.

Once again, I have to wonder if OJ’s celebrity personality gives him the advantage that your average person would not receive. Do you think your average kidnapper gets a motion heard by the Nevada Supreme court like this? No way. Undoubtedly Simpson can afford to hire better attorneys then the average person, but that doesn’t mean that the Nevada Supreme Court should give him any special privileges that anyone else would receive. Unfortunately, that is not how our legal system works.

In the video below, critics of the conviction speak about how race played a part in the verdict:

Did Race Work Against Simpson?