Lately Obama has promised the American people that his health-care plan is not meant to become socialized medicine. He has famously used the words “Let’s be clear” and “No One’s Talkin’ About a Government Take-Over of Heath Care”. However, as we here at Right News have been arguing for months now, this is just a line. The real goal here is to implement the public option and then essentially have it take over the entire system. Finally we are now seeing evidence of this, including this damaging video that shows Obama and other Democrats admitting that this has been the plan all along:

Obama will Nationalize Health-care

Ace makes the very excellent point that this is all just part of the Democrat strategy to sell us on one thing but really do another.

It would be one thing if Obama were selling single-payer forthrightly. We could weight the pros and cons of it and then either give, or refuse, the informed consent of the patient involved.

But they’re lying to us, trying to sell us on a radical surgery we neither want or need to by calling it something else and telling us it’s “necessary” and denying that there are other, less invasive procedures we might try first.

Bingo. If this health-care plan is so important, why can we not have an open discussion about it? The last I checked we lived in a Representative Republic. The law makers serve at the will of the people, and hopefully represent what their constituents actually want. Using subterfuge and trickery to get legislation passed, ala TARP, ala Porkulus ala Cap and Trade is not Democracy in any meaningful way. Congress’s current approval rating is at 30%. Part of this is reflective of the way Pelosi is ramming legislation through Congress with little or no debate or even reading of the bills.

Why are the Democrats so afraid of having a real conversation? Why do they think we are so dumb that only they know what is good and important for us? The fundamental problem with left-wing liberalism in general is that if politicians actually ran on what they believed, they’d never be elected. So, they resort to telling us one thing and in actuality do another. Kick all the bums out.