In the news today is the harrowing tale of a Northwest Airlines jet which blew 5 tires while landing at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport. Everyone aboard the plane was safe, which blocked a runway for three hours.

story northwest jet blows 5 tires

This is an open talk thread where you can discuss anything you like. When a jet blows 5 tires, an obvious segway would be to share your worst travel experience. So what is your horror story? Or is it yet to come under the current administration and economic mess?

About the jet, it was a Boeing 747-200 incoming from El Paso, Texas and ironically scheduled for maintenance in Minnesota. The Northwest Airlines pilot radioed that his breaks were overheating before landing, and then proceeded to land at 2pm local time. Pop pop pop pop pop. Luckily nobody was injured. Read about it here or here and obsessively study the flight loghere.

There is no video of the “jet blows 5 tires” story, so here instead is a video compilation of “funny” crashes for your amusement. This is a lot better than the horrible plane crash video that we almost posted in a state of late night delirium.