I just read the most ridiculous article posted on the Huffington Post; the author, Danny Schechter asks the absurd question, “Could Obama Be Overthrown”. Then let me ask the question, “Who is talking about overthrowing Obama? According to Schechter, everyone is.

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Sure there has been strong opposition to the President’s policies and yes even the crazy birthers are getting more than their fair share of coverage, but nobody with any credibility is advocating an Obama overthrow. Danny Schechter seems to be a little paranoid on the subject. From Huffpo:

With Democrats fussing among themselves, with Obamacrats forced to rely on corporate media, the right-wing TV and radio stations close ranks behind the most self-righteously-correct ranters having a filed day poking , prodding, pummeling, and peeing into cups of their own resentment, hate and venom.

There is no smear that is beneath them, no inference or insult out of bounds. Lou Dobbs blesses the birthers while that Elmer Gantry of demagoguery, Glenn Beck, meditates on his mountain and pronounces Obama a racist. An Israeli settler refers to our President as “that Arab,” and worse.

Let’s say for the sake of argument that Dobbs did bless the birthers, and Beck did call Obama a racist; is that asking to overthrow Obama? Not hardly. I’ll admit the birthers don’t really have a leg to stand on, if there were any validity to the Obama birth certificate controversy, someone by now would have surely put the nail in the coffin.

Glen Beck is entitled to his opinion, and a pretty compelling argument can be waged as to whether or not Obama is a racist. Overthrow Obama? I don’t see it. The article continues:

Some of us are still humming “We Shall Overcome” when our adversaries are chanting “We Shall Overthrow.”

If questions about Barack’s legitimacy as a citizen won’t bring him down, his actions—moderate if not reactionary as they are — will continue to unite the crazies against him and drive them even more beserk. The contentious Congressman who vowed to “break him,” should be taken seriously. His followers do, and many of them are armed.

Sorry Mr. Schechter, Jim DeMint is not contentious; he just happens to disagree with Barack Obama. He’s trying to stop his socialist agenda from moving forward. He’s not talking about overthrowing Obama either. Keep trying. I personally love the line about DeMint’s followers being armed. Hurry better take their guns away from them before they overthrow Obama!

Of course he continues to talk about how banks and other industries that Obama is attempting to “reform” are mounting an attack through lobbyists and other means. I guess this would constitute an attempted Obama overthrow as well? You can read the article for yourself if you like, I think you get the picture.

Funny how the left has such selective memory; for eight years the liberals in Congress, the media, and the wacko’s outside the beltway fought tooth and nail against Bush policies. You didn’t hear cries of government being overthrown then, just politics as usual. The same thing is happening here, but now there is a fear of an Obama overthrow? How ridiculously hypocritical; I’ll end by asking Mr. Schechter the same question he ends his article with.

Knock, Knock, anyone home?

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