Welcome to this week’s Right Pundits Caption Contest. This week we feature the Obama teaching moment, which doubles as an open thread today.

obama teaching moment

Obama Teaching Moment

Yes, I’m a day late. I have a ton of excuses, but I’ll spare you. This past week has been all about Obama interjecting himself into a minor police matter and thereby turning it into national news that has kept office discussions abuzz with talk of Gates Gate, Beer Summits and teaching moments. Its one of the more ridiculous events in the history of our country, which has been full of ridiculous events.

Obama supporters make excuses for the President by saying reminding people that Gates is a long time friend of Obama’s so what was Obama supposed to do? Well, what we might have expected is for Obama to ACT like a President rather than a Chicago shyster who sees himself and his friends as being above the law.

He has yet to apologize for injecting himself in that situation or to the police officers and policemen across the country for making their jobs just that much more difficult and implying that they are irrational stupid racist, as a whole.

This week’s caption contest is a photo taken following the beer summit. There are so many interesting dynamics in the photo that its hard to know where to start. Pamela at Atlas Shrugs gives us a view of the difference between how different Presidents treat the elderly and/or those who have difficult times walking.

I bet you can come up with some great captions for us …..

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…. and the winners from our last caption contest are ….. :

  • 1st PlaceJohnBoy: “I never tire of watching my ego in 3D on the big screen.”
  • 2nd Placescrewauger: Hey Michelle, look, when you watch me talk through these glasses, you can’t see my eye twitching and I think I look taller too!
  • 3rd Placeflyingmonkey: “They’re rose colored baby. I should have made these part of the stimulus package.”

Congratulations to the winners!!! Play again next week!