Afghanistan is Obama’s War. The July death toll of U.S. troops was the highest since 2001.

And August is off to a disastrous start, with three U.S. troops dying Saturday in attacks in Kapisa, a province northeast of Kabul. Three more died in a roadside bomb attack on Sunday.


Afghanistan: Obama’s quagmire

The U.S. military announced today that nine international soldiers, six of them American, were killed in attacks in Afghanistan. This is a very violent start to August. July’s death toll of 75 coalition troops (mostly American) was the highest since 2001.

The war in Afghanistan is not ending anytime soon. As you can see in the video below, the Obama administration will likely increase the U.S. troop presence in Afghanistan in the next few months. There is no real timetable for withdrawal, and no reason to believe we have turned any kind of corner in this fight. In fact, there is no reason to believe right now that we’ve done anything but set ourselves up for a very long presence in a country where the people truly hates us.

Sound familiar? The above paragraph pretty much describes how the Left attacked Bush regarding Iraq. Yet the Left seems to be giving Obama a free pass on Afghanistan.

Don’t get me wrong. I actually support the war in Afghanistan. I think it’s a necessary part of the war on terror. However, I like to point out the Left’s hypocrisy. The exact same arguments against Iraq can be made for Afghanistan. Yet you sit idly by and let your Dear Leader expand (gasp) a war.

In both cases, I supported our troops and our President. I’m consistent. The Left is a sorry band of cheerleaders who follow the latest cause like a fashion trend. Remember Tibet, Darfur, Iraq? Liberal causes that came and went like bowel movements, and were forgotten when they ceased to be cool. Is Afghanistan just not cool enough?

See video on Obama’s expansion of the Afghanistan war: