Well now we know that the Obama birth certificate is real, Hawaii says, because they looked at it. Well, one Democrat commissioner guy looked at it and proclaimed it so.

Obama birth certificate real hawaii
(enlarge: hilarious!)

Obama Birth Certifcate: Hawaii Says Real?

Let’s examine the evidence. Obama eats fois gras, purchases a Portuguese Water Dog species, drinks Danish beer, and bowls a 56 score. Any wonder why we wonder? Does it really matter if the Obama birth certificate is real? Hawaii says so, but who anointed a band of wild natives a state? What are we average Americans to think?

This is a Right Pundits open thread where your views on any topic matter but I’m talking about the Obama birth certificate. Real? Hawaii says it’s real. What do you say? Bill Moyers the self-anointed brainiac of the left has this to say. People who have smoked less pot have this to say.

Now a personal note: Right Pundits did so close to 1 million visits in July and the entire Right Media Network just missed 10 million visits. “Almost” hitting milestones is disappointing to our selfless writers who slave for the blogs. It needn’t be. July was another fabulous, stupendous, and record breaking month.

We have a winning formula on our “wee” (as Kate would say) Right Pundits site that allows us to appeal to a wide readership. On Right Pundits like most blogs, almost none of the readers bother to comment. They read and they go. Commenters are the crème de la crème of blogging, the ones who think your blog is so cool they want to stick around.

Dave Wissing runs a fantastic site at hedgehogreport.com. Everyone runs blogs for their own reasons. At rightpundits we have the audacity to want to influence opinion. Others want to express their own opinion. Both views make the internet a great place. Blogging is very personal even within our own family of writers. Our own Beth Shaw is extremely selective about who she will allow to write on her terrific Blue Star Chronicles site, which is why an invitation from her is something to behold.

I believe that my second internet comment ever was on hedgehogreport.com, and I liked it so much that I stuck there for a couple of years making wonderful online friends along the way. Eventually I wanted to make the news rather than respond to it which is why everyone starts blogs. My friend Dave was the first to link our unknown new site called rightpundits.com.

I’ve tried not to follow the recent commotion there. I don’t know the details and don’t want to know. I personally remember many of the new commenters who have appeared from there in the past few days. Eph, LisaB, MDefl, Tina, TimV, and others. I feel honored that you would visit our wee blog and hope that our content compliments what the Hedgehog Report does so well. Please continue to make recommendations on how to make your stay here a more pleasant one.

Now back to our president. is the Obama birth certificate real? Hawaii says so, but what do you say about this topic, or tell us what you had for breakfast, or anything else less important. Meanwhile see what Dobbs has to say.

Obama Birth Certificate (Video — Hawaii News)