Is Obamacare, Barack Obama’s proposed health care plan, nothing more than government-sponsored euthanasia? Some seem to think so. Read more about it below, see Obamacare poster art, and watch a great video.


Obamacare: ‘Euthanasia Bill’?

In healthcare bill HR 3200, currently under consideration in the House of Representatives, it now appears that both abortion and rationing of care will most likely become one of the sad fruits of the Democrats incredibly mis-named “health-care reform.” The Liberty Council, a conservative advocacy group, has done a page-by-page analysis of the HR 3200 and has found some truly scary stuff. Now, it also appears Obamacare is a Euthanasia Bill as well. Clearly, either Barack Obama has no clue as to what’s in the bill or he has been lying to the American people – most likely both.

The Democrat-sponsored Obamacare national health insurance plan would basically dictate medications, treatments and mental health services, choose for you the coverages you are allowed to have and operate with real-time access to individuals’ bank accounts, according to The Liberty Council’s analysis of the hundreds of pages of plans. Take the time to read the entire Liberty Council report on the Obamacare Euthanasia Bill. It’s that incredible.

Over at RedState, Erick Erickson tells of a disturbing conversation with a democrat aide who said “probably the best part of the [health care] bill is the increase in Hospice care which will solve the prolonging of life issue.” Erick writes:

Does this seems to prove the argument that the Obama bureaucrats will eventually decide who lives and who dies.

Remember, the Democrats have already put in their legislation a requirement for senior citizens to, every five years, learn how to die with dignity.

Also remember that hospice care is for the already terminally ill. So how will increasing hospice care funding solve “prolonging of life issues” unless the government is going to start putting people who are not terminally ill into hospice after they’ve had their mandatory “how to kill yourself” training.

But wait! Sadly, there’s more.

Fred Thompson recently spoke with Dr. Betsy McCaughey who is a former New York state officer and health expert, about the provision in the healthcare bill for mandatory ‘Advance Care Planning Consultation':

At issue is section 1233 of the legislative proposal that deals with a government requirement for an “Advance Care Planning Consultation.”

One of the most shocking things is page 425, where the Congress would make it mandatory absolutely that every five years people in Medicare have a required counseling session,” she said. “They will tell [them] how to end their life sooner.”

The proposal specifically calls for the consultation to recommend “palliative care and hospice” for seniors in their mandatory counseling sessions. Palliative care and hospice generally focus only on pain relief until death.

And apparently, John Boehner and Thad McCotter confirm Dr McCaughey’s fears:

“Section 1233 of the House-drafted legislation encourages health care providers to provide their Medicare patients with counseling on ‘the use of artificially administered nutrition and hydration’ and other end of life treatments,'” the pair say.

That section “may place seniors in situations where they feel pressured to sign end of life directives they would not otherwise sign.”

“This provision may start us down a treacherous path toward government-encouraged euthanasia if enacted into law. At a minimum this legislative language deserves a full and open public debate – the sort of debate that is impossible to have under the politically-driven deadlines Democratic leaders have arbitrarily set for enactment of a health care bill,” they state.

Excuse me. But what are these idiot ‘Logan’s Run’ democrats doing?? Socializing medicine in the form of this bloated monstrosity is simply wrong for America. Conservatives know it. Even stupid progressives know it. Could someone tell God, Jr. and his flying monkeys that he is not the giver of life? And because he doesn’t give life, he doesn’t take it either. Life is precious. All life is precious.

Melt the phones and fill the inboxes of your representative in Congress and tell him or her to vote a ‘NO’ to HR 3200 otherwise known as Obamacare: Euthanasia Bill.

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