U.S. Senator Christopher Dodd has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. During the August recess, he will have surgery. The 65 year old has been in the Senate thirty years and plans to run for a seventh term in 2010.

Dodd it the ranking member of the Democrat controlled Health, Education and Pensions Committee in the Senate. He is leading the charge for health care reform in the bogus Obama health care crisis in America.

Dodd has planned a press conference for 2 p.m. eastern time to announce he has Prostate cancer.

christopher dodd
Connecticut Senator Christopher Dodd fighting Prostate Cancer.

It has not been announced which country Senator Dodd will go to for the surgery. As we all know America has the worst health care in the world. American Doctors often remove organs from patients’ body just to bill Medicare million of dollars.

I am hoping it will be announced if the Senator will have his surgery will be preformed in Canada, The UK, Cuba or Sweden. My guess is Cuba or Canada. I will update this post just as soon as we know.

I sincerely wish Senator Dodd all the best and speedy recovery and a speedy treatment with his fight against Prostate Cancer.