Yes ladies and gentleman, it was Bud Light for Obama while entertaining good officer Crowley and evil-doer Professor Gates at the White House on July 30th. While his administration proposes new taxes on alcohol to pay for his massive government takeover of our great American health-care industry, Obama drank alcohol. Oh the irony as the U.S. president drinks foreign beer.

obama bud light beer

Obama Beer

You may talk about whatever you like on this thread but I am talking about Barack Obama’s choices of beer. What is your favorite drink, and would you drink it with Obama? And would you dare drink Anheuser-Busch at such an event, a company which was bought by a Belgian company in 2008.

I suspect the answer will differ by gender. Real men drink beer with Clint Eastwood, not Bud Light with Obama. After all, Barack Obama is a tea-tottling and quiche president who was elected on the strength of a woman’s right to vote. Girls wet their pants for our president, don’t you? Foreign beer is cute and sexy. But what do you think of this.?

Of the other members of the White House frat-house, Vice-President Joe Biden went with Buckler beer, whatever that is. Professor Gates had a Sam Adams Light. He was seen shaking his fist at the label muttering something about whitey done him wrong. Officer Crowley had a Blue Moon, apparently a comical reference to his profession. My guess is that the White House handlers made him drink it, which happens to be another foreign beer.

My favorite alcohol drink is American gin with a little olive, fizz, and splash of American brandy. Speaking of which, alcohol consumption has increased 15% in the United States since Barack Obama became president. Bad policies will lead anyone to drink.

A typical Barack Obama nude supporter is in the video below, who has an opinion on health care, whiskey, apple juice, and a lot of other things you don’t care about. It takes a village. Talk about what you want.

Bud Light for Obama, Video