Mazen Abdul Jawad
Mazen Abdul-Jawad

Alert the village Elders, it seems Mazen Abdul-Jawad is involved Saudi Sex Scandal Confession. The very idea of sex being spoken of in Saudi Arabia, one of the most conservative countries in the world, is shocking I know. Abdul-Jawad made an appearance on a Lebanese channel (LBC, owned by the Prince of Saud), where he gave couples advice on how to spice up their sex lives, basically like any reality show on Fox. Unfortuantely Mr. Abudl-Jawad has been forced into hiding.

The Wahhabi controlled state of Saudi Arabia naturally frowned upon such an open discussion of things like foreplay and different ways of picking up hot Saudi chicks. Here is some of the sage advice from Abdul-Jawad:

Abdul-Jawad said sex became an important part of his life at age 14, following his first sexual encounter with a neighbour.

He demonstrated how he would cruise girls in his red convertible or in supermarkets, often making use of Bluetooth mobile phone technology, and produced sex toys and lubricants from his bedroom cupboard.

“While I’m driving I turn my Bluetooth on. It has the description of my car and my mobile number… I get calls from girls… and in some cases I call back and she goes out with me,” he says in the Youtube clips.

I guess the Saudi’s aren’t such prudes after all, he must have some game if he can get it on with his neighbor at 14. Of course, no good deed (or fun deed) goes unpunished by the religion of peace. At least one Islamic law expert has opined: “He must be punished and become an example for all. We Saudis are not used to and will not accept such behavior”. Of course stoning this guy is the rational conclusion. I mean, we can’t let people get the idea they can just go willy nilly and talk with the opposite sex or (gasp) fornicate with them.

Look, I’m all for traditional marriage and high moral standards, but I think possibly stoning the guy is a bit of an over-reach. Ye without sin and all that jazz. Maybe we can just cut off his willy or something, seems a bit more reasonable to me.

Saudi Sex Scandal