Iphone virus

Iphone Virus

Beware the Ides of March and the new Iphone Virus. Many of you I know are Iphone users (and if you’re not, hello . . .) and if you are a long time Mac user you know that Apple has prided themselves in being virtually virus free. They have long argued that PCs are inherently risky because of all the viruses and malware that is out there. While Apple is technically right, the reason for this is because something like 90% of all computer users are PCs, so the authors of malicious viruses and software are of course going to go after the largest market share. I’ve long argued that Apple better be careful, because if their OS ever obtained mainstream appeal like Windows has, Mac too would have to deal with malware. Well, it looks like that time has come, at least in the form of the Iphone.

It turns out there is a security flaw in the Apple encryption of the Iphone. Due to this flaw, hackers can take advantage of it and hack in by sending you an SMS message. Then the hacker will be able to download the entire content of your Iphone, including e-mails and other materials that you thought had been erased. Thus far, the lack of major security protocols has been the reason why there has been a lack of enterprise adoption, preferring instead the Blackberry (which I also have and love). Research in Motion is known to have very tough encryption, VPN and standard security protections for enterprise use.

A second security flaw (also found by corrupting SMS data) was released by Charlie Miller. According to reports, you don’t have to download a file or anything like that, the hacker merely needs to know your phone number. Once he has that information he can exploit the SMS flaw and essentially take over your phone, steal your data, send text message and spread the virus to other people through your address book. Ouch!

Unfortunately, there is nothing at this point you can do to avoid this virus aside from turning your phone off. There is no forthcoming patch from Apple. It is expected that Apple will address this issue in their software update 3.1, but that is not due until September. My suggestion is to be very careful if you are a Iphone user. There is a lesson learned here, every computer is vulnerable and the hubris Apple has had over this issue may end up biting them. Thus far Apple has not even responded to the fact that there is a major security flaw, but that is just the Cuppertino way. Beware the Iphone Virus.

Iphone Virus