Former Secretary of State and Obama minion. Colin Powell, made the understatement of the year about Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. Although sympathetic to his plight, Colin Powell says that Gates “may have” reacted too quickly. The Larry King video is below after we view the faces of oppressed Americans.

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Colin Powell: Harvard’s Gates is No Scholar

This is an open discussion where you can talk about this topic or any other that suits your fancy. But I’m talking about Colin Powell, the Harvard Scholar Gone Wild, and the Obama Oktoberfest in the White House on Thursday. We will try to have a live video feed of the White House event with Office Crowley, Obama and Gates. Stay tuned.

Now we all know that Colin Powell was a fine diplomat and statesman, who like any diplomat, manages to take the meaning out of our English language. That’s their job, to tell things like they almost are.

To the rest of us Henry Louis Gates Jr is a nut and loose cannon, who like Obama’s community organizing days, made a living out of bashing whitey in a suit. The president is so wired to the rhetoric of race-baiting, that he sided in a press conference with Gates, giving a rhetorically offensive knee-jerk reaction straight from the slums. Mainstream America noticed.

The press conference is what got Obama into trouble, and now he has a brilliant plan. The commander in chief will consume beer with Gates and the unfortunate police officer Crowley who was the brunt of Gates and Obama’s racist attack. This will be done in front of clicking cameras, so America can see that he is sorry.

So according to Powell, Gates should have considered that he is an idiot, although he said it nicer: “When you’re faced with an officer trying to do his job and get to the bottom of something, this is not the time to get in an argument with him.”

Says Colin Powell, the Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr may have spoken too soon. Here it is never too early to speak too soon. You have the floor while we find a live streaming video feed of the historic White House beer festival.

Colin Powell on Henry Louis Gates (Larry King Video)