Murdering a pregnant woman and cutting her baby from her womb. Is there any crime more shocking or more instinctively against our human nature?

Yet it is happening again and again throughout the country. Beginning with the highly publicized murder of Bobbi Jo Stinnett, we seem to be hearing more and more about crimes like this recently.

Now, Darlene Haynes, a 23-year-old pregnant woman, has been found dead in her apartment in Worcester, Massachusetts. Her 8-month-old fetus was cut from her womb. An acquaintance of Darlene Haynes named Julie A. Corey has been arrested in her murder. Friends of Haynes called police after seeing Corey with a newborn baby in the days after the murder.

The baby is in state custody and is reportedly in good health.

Police officers found Darlene Haynes dead after her neighbors complained about a foul smell coming from her apartment yesterday.

Corey (possibly with accomplices) had killed her and put her in a closet in her apartment, wrapped in bed sheets. Haynes had been dead for several days when police arrived. Since she was last seen on Thursday by friends, she may have been dead for as many as five days before anyone knew something was wrong.

During the autopsy, police realized that Haynes had been pregnant and that the fetus had been removed from her body.

This is a crime so horrible that I won’t even try to understand it. With so many babies who need homes in this world, a crime like this just doesn’t make any sense. I usually shrug off people who say the end of the world is near, but stories like this make me wonder.