It is no surprise that so many bills get passed that serve no real purpose other then to line the re-election coffers of windbag lawmakers from lobbyist. This is problem on both sides of the aisle. They are smart enough to know we are stupid enough not to notice. John Conyers is right. Why read the bill?

Ask yourself this question. Should any bill be longer than the Constitution and the Bill of Rights combined? The Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956, which gave us the interstate highway system we use today, was 2 pages long and was budgeted at $25 billion dollars. There was no pork in it. Nothing added after it passed. I would imagine that a child could have read it and understood it. As Groucho Marx once said, “A child of five would understand this. Send someone to fetch a child of five.” Maybe we should elect 5 years old to congress. They sure couldn’t do any worst then the current members are doing.

478px John conyers
Congressmen John Conyers has been in the house since 1965. America, we have a Problem.
How many bills has he NOT read in that 44 years?.

Now Obama has a 1017 page bill (A 50850% increase from that 2 page bill of 1956.) to forever change healthcare in this country. What he is trying to do is like putting out a match with a million gallons of water. It works but wastes a lot of water.

There are not 47 million Americans un-insured. There are about 12 million illegal’s that use our emergency rooms as their free healthcare. There are 35 million on Medicaid not paying a dime for any of it. The rest of us either have private insurance we pay for or pay a portion of the cost. Or are young people who don’t want insurance.

Some of you younger readers may not know this, but in the 1960’s it was called Medical Insurance and was designed to pay major medical bills to keep you from going bankurpt in the event you had a medical bills beyond a set amount, then it kicked in. My parents were not rich at all and yet they could afford it for a family of six. It did not pay you doctor bill or lab work. Thoses cost were low and affordable because if you went to the doctor, you paid the doctor.

And then we have John Conyers admitting that he does not read the bills. How can these elected crooks officials claim to have the best interest of the American people in mind when they vote on bills they don’t know anything about except the leadership wants it passed.

I would hope the people of Michigan would decide to retire Conyers in 2010 based just on this statement. But based on the number of times we the people return nitwits to congress, we have only ourselves to blame for the nitwit laws passed.

The reason Conyers and others in both parties don’t read the bills is because they are so busy adding measures to the bills that benefits their district even they don’t have time to read the bill. And they have staffers write the bill and then havethem give a briefing of the contents. If I was a member of congress and my staff brought me 1000 pages bill, I would fire them on the spot.

Read the bills. We don’t need to read no stinking bills.

We are being legislated to death by a bunch of lawyers who can’t do anything but serve in congress. They are so inept at practicing law, they think they should make the laws. Sorry if I insulted you lawyers out there but you know there are some in your profession that became lawyers because they were too stupid to be teachers. Now I have insulted teachers. I love teachers. I have 4 in my family and I am glad they were smart enough not to be lawyers.

Finally as liberals, conservatives and anything in between we should all expect our Senators and Congressmen to read the bills they vote on. No matter where you fall on health care, cap and trade and any other issue, buy a stamp, write a letter, send it to your elected nitwits representatives and tell them to read the bills. Stop the John Conyers from asking: why read bill? Tell them because that is their job.