The Great Obama beer fest, with cop and professor is on at the White House, like a bad rerun of Gilligan’s Island. The gambit is Obama’s attempt to put charges of reverse racism behind him for siding with a disorderly black college professor before he knew the facts.

obama beer cop professor

Obama, Officer Crowley, and Professor Gates
(in the White House library with a Beer)

Like the game of Clue this is a Right Pundits open discussion where you can talk about what you like provided you know who did it. I’m talking about the idea of Barack Obama drinking beer when everyone knows he is a quiche and sherry guy. What do you like to drink and would you be caught drinking beer or anything with Obama? Remember that every comment on Right Pundits is a two-cent donation to the RNC.

Speaking of vinegar and water, the cop and professor will go down in history as one of the more interesting parings at the White House. The presidential beer boozing event will take place on Thursday, July 30th. Obama’s cocaine days are over, so stop those rumors right now!

Professor Gates reportedly ranted and raved loudly while poor police officer Crowley did his job. The highly paid, white-collar professor then labeled the poorly-paid blue-collar Crowley a racist for enforcing the law. You see, professor Gates believes he has experienced a lifetime of racial oppression while attending Yale Law School, teaching at Harvard University, and hobnobbing with presidents Clinton and Obama. When he yells, working stiffs who never caught a break must listen.

And there was Obama egging him on, a president who momentarily forgot he is representing all blue-collar Americans rather than pitching political points to a Chicago mob on behalf of a pampered intellectual elitist.

So there you have it, Obama beer, cop, professor. What could be more American than politicians trying to redeem themselves?

You have the floor.

Beer Video: Obama, Cop, and Professor Gates