With 3 seconds remaining in the Super Bowl and clinging to a 1 point lead, Indianapolis quarterback Peyton Manning took the final snap from center. The Chicago Bears looked glumly at the clock, their season apparently ending in a hard-fought football game that could have gone either way.

What happened next will forever go down in football lore.

As Manning prepared to kneel with the ball, and as the Gatorade tank was ceremoniously poured on Indianapolis coach Tony Dungy head, the storied quarterback suddenly stood upright and said “What the f**k am I doing here?” Inexplicably Manning tossed the ball up in the air nonchalantly and trotted to the sideline.

In the ensuing mad scramble by the remaining players on the field, Bears defensive lineman Tank Johnson emerged from the sea of humanity with the ball. As he lumbered down the sidelines with an assortment of tiny Colt receivers on his massive back, 53 yards of destiny produced the winning touchdown.

What a finish! Who will ever forget it?

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