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As our regulars know, I’ve been spending a whole ton of time launching our entertainment blog, Right Celebrity. I have very exciting news to report, but first things first.

In the last month, RightPundits saw our 200,000th visitor. Mary (MBT) was right here on the clock to count down the big moment. Who is going to join MBT when our 300,000th visitor takes a wrong turn later this week? You just might win a Punditeer Award!

Right Pundits Political Blog

On the political blog, we have 1,800 comments on 350 posts. That’s cool, but we are greedy. More commenters please. Don’t be so shy!

We joined a new blogroll called I Support Iraqi Freedom. We did not join this blogroll selfishly for links. We already exchange links with just about every blog on it. We joined because Amy Proctor has a darn good message worth supporting.

One night I was contemplating how to sharpen the debate on our blog. Between glasses of Merlot, I sheepishly asked and was rewarded when an incredible blogger agreed to join us on an experimental basis. Jill Miller Zemon of lefty Writes Like She Talks will present a “Counterpoint” argument once a week to some post that she found intellectually exciting. Although I firmly believe that conservative principles and values will win most arguments, Jill is sure to keep us on her toes once a week. And just in case this experiment is a total disaster, Jill has already tendered her resignation just like a presidential cabinet minister would do in advance.

OSAPian of Patriotic Rants joined us a month ago and has generously contributed two entire posts! Heh, that’s okay. It is great to have a decorated military man around the house. OSAPian knows a whale of a lot about history, so challenge him at your peril.

Our incredibly gifted Joe Citizen has ambitiously started a new blog appropriately called Joe’s Blog. It was originally called “Joe’s Rants”, which has a more Joe-like edgy feel to it, but I am imagining that Jill’s frequent commenting is softening Joe up a bit. Oh Joe isn’t going anywhere. He will use his new blog just occasionally for material he isn’t sure belongs here.

And thanks to our other bloggers, especially MBT who along with Joe I look forward to reading every morning. It is fabulous to stretch out of bed on the west coast and find that the east coast and central time zones have been busy thinking!

And so many thanks to Samantha Burns for letting us cross-post some fun material there.

Stop, enough! Now for some truly exciting news!

Right Celebrity

We have the most FABULOUS celebrity bloggers in the world!! Over a month ago, I began scouting celebrity blogs to find appropriate partners for our Right Celebrity entertainment blog. Oh yes, I scouted alright, over 200 celebrity blogs.

Most celebrity blogs are horrible bores, quite honestly. I found a handful of blogs that were so impressive that I asked them to contribute material to our celebrity site. Half of them agreed and the results have been fabulous. These are really fine, creative bloggers so we can never take credit for their success, but I am very pleased that each of them has grown 300-500% in just the month that we have been collaborating. Their affiliation with a larger blog has something to do with it for sure, and that is personally satisfying because I really like each of these bloggers A LOT. They work very hard and amaze with their creative talents!

Visit them often! Below is a sampling of some of their original material. You will find that they are witty, sharp, and excellent writers. Despite the provocative titles, these posts are fairly safe for work, depending of course on where you work!

And thanks to the fabulous Lucrezia at the European website Bellezze Gossip for their contributions. Check that site out too.


Well, we gave it a good try but we are stretched too thin to make a sports blog work well now. Still a good idea that we will get back to later when we can really put our energy into it. Thanks Joe for trying it and for all that work. The sports blog will still “be there” and a post may even pop up now and again.


Oh, did I say that RightPundits is International? That’s the best part. We now have bloggers in the USA, Bavaria, Italy, and the strange country of Maryland. And guess what? I’m chatting up another really good celebrity blogger to translate their Spanish language posts into English for our website. Totally cool!!!