After the arrest of Henry Louis Gates and the subsequent race baiting firestorm perpetrated by President Obama in a televised news conference on Wednesday; Gates ‘racist white institutions’ video has now surfaced from 1996, bringing up the subject all fresh and new about Obama questionable associations.

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One of Obama’s Questionable Associates

No doubt that President’s of the past have all had “questionable associations”, but Barack Obama gives new meaning to the term. You have to ask the question, who is Barack Obama, and who molded him? Who molded his mind?

Obama’s questionable associations dominated the campaign season but the complicit media “covered up” most of the facts concerning Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, and ACORN. Now Henry Louis Gates ‘racist white institutions’ video has surfaced from 13 years ago in which the “dignified” professor makes black jokes like they were going out of style. Something you and I could never do.

In the video Gates pushes the lie that in America, the “only reason” we have so many people doing so well is because of affirmative action. He also stimulates the crowd with the statement that affirmative action needs to be expanded. Of course he also has to throw in a Clarence Thomas hypocrite dig and a watermelon joke; along with a slam of North Carolina where he attended Duke University.

The Gates ‘racist white institutions’ video is a striking example of reverse racism, reverse discrimination or call it something else if you will. You can now only imagine what Gates said to the white officer who responded to his home last week. Obama acted as un-presidential as possible by saying the Cambridge police acted “stupidly”. Thank you Mr. Obama for helping out with the whole race relation thing.

The Obama aura is starting to fade, like it or not libs. He is trying to do too much too soon. This was predictable; his socialist agenda won’t be able to tolerate the light of truth. The Gates ‘racist white institutions’ video will only help to illustrate that Obama’s questionable associations are many; that will probably be his undoing.

Gates ‘racist white institutions’

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