Here is today’s open post thread, discuss whatever you want. To get us kicked off, here is Cracked’s top 5 pathetic groups that people think will rule the world. Here is their take on why we shouldn’t worry about the Illuminati:

But more importantly, this seems to be the ultimate product of the paranoid mind, in that depending on who you talk to, the Illuminati includes everyone. Not just governments and corporations, but also Hollywood.

So every single ideological difference you think there is between political parties, competing companies and even the makers of your favorite TV shows, is fake. In reality, they all meet behind the scenes, with perfect secrecy, with perfect cooperation, to control everything. They’re having round-table meetings in the penthouses of five-star hotels where they decide that America needs a terrorist attack this year while using their sinister connections to implant secret messages into Hannah Montana songs.

Personally I think Cracked is part of the conspiracy too. It’s a good read though.