As we reported here, Barack Obama said the Cambridge police “acted stupidly” when they arrested Henry Louis Gates, Jr., a black Harvard professor in his home during an investigation of a break-in.

In a radio interview with Gayle King on Sirius XM Radio today, Henry Louis Gates, Jr. responded to Barack Obama’s statement that the police “acted stupidly.” According to Gates, that was the “logical” way to portray the events as they occurred on that night. Clearly, Gates was thrilled with Barack Obama’s initial comments regarding the arrest. Gates states that there was nothing that he did on that day that justified his arrest.

Really? Refusing police orders? Shouting at a police officer? Refusing to show your identification at first when the officer asked for it? Hurling insults about one’s mother? None of these things justifies a police officer taking you into custody?

Here’s the definition of disorderly conduct in Massachusetts:

A disorderly person is defined as one who:

* with purpose to cause public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm, or
* recklessly creates a risk thereof
* engages in fighting or threatening, violent or tumultuous behavior, or
* creates a hazard or physically offensive condition by any act which serves no legitimate purpose.

When Gates screamed at a police officer and refused to cooperate, he “with the purpose of causing public inconvenience” definitely “engaged in threatening or tumultuous” behavior.

In any case, even Barack Obama has backed off his initial statements, facing a huge backlash from the part of the country that does not consist of radical separatists. You can read about Obama’s change of heart here. The police officer, the president and the radical separatist professor will have a beer together at some point. Hopefully, the taxpayers will not pick up the tab.

Meanwhile, you can hear Henry Louis Gates, Jr. refuse to see the error of his ways below:

Henry Louis Gates Responds