In a new Rasmussen poll, for the first time more people think the Stimulus Bill hurt the economy more then it helped.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that only 25% of U.S. voters now say the stimulus plan has helped the economy. That’s a six-point drop from a month ago.

Thirty-one percent (31%) say the stimulus actually hurt the economy, little changed from a month ago. However, this is the first poll showing that more voters believe the plan hurt rather than helped.

A plurality (36%) says the plan has had no impact.

A couple of noteworthy things here. First, for the first time since the Spendulous Bill was passed a plurality of American’s believe that the thing has actually hurt the economy. That is an interesting shift in public opinion. Second, if we do a little math here and add those who think the Stimulus Bill did nothing to help the economy then we get a whopping 67% of Americans who believe that the stimulus either hurt or did nothing at all. Bear in mind, conservative estimates place the cost of the Stimulus Bill at $1.5 Trillion dollars, some think the long-term costs could be as much as $23 Trillion dollars. That’s a whole lotta jack to piss off 67% of the population (and that number will grow). Just imagine what the opinion polls would be if they knew what $787 Billion dollars actually meant and how much inflation is going to kill the dollar.

It’s almost like this guy has no idea what he is doing. It’s amazing to think a guy who has no experience doing anything other then voting present has managed to screw up our entire country in a short 7 months. Awesome job Obama. It sure is a good thing we avoided that snowbilly Sarah Palin, think of how messed up we’d be with her as Vice-President.

I hate to sound too much like the liberal haters who were almost rooting for more deaths in Iraq so that they could finally get Democrat President again. I’m not rooting against our economy, I wish to Heaven that Obama had a clue and our Congress would do something to help the folks out. The thing is, this plan never had a chance of working because it just flies in the face of good economic policy. In fact, everything we’ve done in the past 5 years has flown in the face of good economic policy. Socialism cannot work in this country. I don’t root against Obama because I hate him and want Republicans in office, I root against him because I know that Socialism and out of control government spending just simply cannot work in a country like the US.

On the bright side, 2010 is looking a little brighter . . . I’m looking at you Sen. Reid, you’re up first buddy.

Here is Ron Paul’s take on how much of a waste this Stimulus Bill was, hard to disagree: