I’ve seen some Obama health-care plan details, and I’m frightened. You can read some of the full report here, but I hope you have a strong stomach. If you watched Obama’s press conference on Wednesday, you heard him assure us that you’ll be able to keep your same doctor and your existing health-care plan, etc. However, he was either lying or has no idea what is actually in the plan currently pending in front of Congress.

Here are some of the highlights of this disaster in waiting (you can get another wrap-up of the details here if you are interested:

The Bill requires a full government audit of financial books for all employers that self-insure. I’m sure all small employers (or any employer) wants to deal with a yearly audit of their books. They’ll just simply abandon their plans to avoid such headaches, which is really the goal of the legislation any way.

A “public-private” committee shall be formed to determine who can get what kind of coverage. Great, nothing like bureaucrats deciding on who is worthy of what kind of health care.

Health-care will be provided to all non-US citizens, legal or illegal (Page 50). Free social services to illegal aliens is one of the prime factors that is breaking our financial system as it is, how will this help. I’m sure everyone here is anxious to pay for every “undocumented worker” who wants to hop the border to get lasik eye surgery. Also, in the legislation, any non-resident alien is exempt from income tax. Awesome.

The government will have access to your private bank account and will be able to access your needs at any time.

Seniors might want to take a look at page 85 where the defined benefit levels are discussed, sure sounds like rationed care to me.

Anyone who is eligible for Medicaid will automatically be enrolled in it, no choice at all for them (public or private choice). Welcome to substandard, rationed care for the poor. I guess it’s better then no care.

Any employer who has a $400 k payroll and does not provide health insurance will pay an 8% tax. Guess what that’s going to do to employment? Considering most of the employment in this country is provided by small business, this will kill their ability to expand employees. If your payroll is between $250-400 k, then you will pay a 2-6% tax increase. Idiotic.

Possibly my favorite line from the whole bill says on page 203 Line 14-15 HC – “The tax imposed under this section shall not be treated as tax”. You can’t make this stuff up.

I could go on and on, check out Family Security Matters for a larger list of the horrors of this bill. Mr. President, before you speak out of your ass again, please read this bill, it is not what you are selling it as.