For the first time since he took office, a major polling service has Barack Obama’s approval rating below 50%. According to Rasmussen Reports, 49% of Americans approve of Barack Obama’s job performance so far. 51% disapprove. This is a shocking drop, from the 65-70% approval ratings that Obama had early in his presidency.

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Barack Obama: Less Popular Than First-term Bush

Rasmussen generally has trended lower than most other services, but all the polls have Obama’s approval at their lowest levels ever. Gallup is at 55%, Fox News at 54%, AP at 54%.

49 to 55% approval is not that bad, you might say?

If one examines the numbers, Obama is currently one of the most unpopular Presidents in modern American history for a President just six months in office. As we reported here, generally Presidents are very popular in at least their first year.

It’s not until some time has passed before the public starts to be critical of the President. Obama has worn out his welcome a lot faster than most other Presidents. Of the President’s since World War II, only Gerald Ford and Bill Clinton had lower approval ratings at this point.

Conservatives can really take to heart that Obama’s liberal policies are way more unpopular than Obama himself. Only 25% believe the stimulus package is working. Only 45% want his health care plan. Once people start associating Obama with his liberal policies, his ratings should drop even more.

Can the President recover? Of course, he can. But right now, just six months after the GOP was declared dead, it looks like conservatives have a lot of reason to be optimistic.