It seems that in the wake of her decision to step down as governor of Alaska, Palin’s favorability rating is dropping fast. According to the Washington Post:

As Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin prepares for the next stage of her political career, a majority of Americans hold an unfavorable view of her, and there is broad public doubt about her leadership skills and understanding of complex issues, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.
. . .
Overall, the new poll found that 53 percent of Americans view Palin negatively and 40 percent see her in positive terms, her lowest level in Post-ABC polling since she first appeared on the national stage last summer as Sen. John McCain’s running mate.

The good news for her is that amongst the GOP base, the poll still shows that she enjoys about a 70% favorability rating. However, even amongst her core supporters of white, evangelical, protestants support is softening. Even worse, her national favorability rating is only 40% and 53% of American’s view her as unfavorable. This is not good for Sarah if she does have national aspirations. These numbers could certainly change at some point, but I just don’t see how you can possibly hope to compete on a national state with those kinds of numbers. Say what you want about Obama, but he still enjoys fairly decent personable favorability numbers, even if a lot of folks disagree with his policies and actions.

I think the biggest stigma that Palin must overcome is this (unfair) accusation that she doesn’t understand complex issues. In this poll 57% of American’s don’t think that she understands complex issues. I don’t think this true and even if it is, if you watched Obama’s press conference the other night it’s clear he suffers from the same challenge. However, sometimes perception is reality, and in politics it almost always is. There is the attempt by the left to paint her as a dumb hillbilly barbie who doesn’t understand complex issues. Of course, that is always the schtick of the left, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday Republican are dumb, idiotic Ned Flanders, but on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday we’re evil masterminds plotting to take over Wall Street and the world. Sarah has qualities outside a stellar intellectual thinker; she has a basic understanding of capitalism and how economies work (which is something Obama lacks), she understands our energy needs and she understands morality. These are intrinsic qualities that make her likable, its why she can fill a 20,000 person stadium in freaking New York in June. Sarah is still a superstar for us, but she has an image problem right now, and I just don’t know how she combats that. I still think Sarah has a bright future, but with Palin’s favorability dropping like a stone, she may need to think about something outside of being President.