Rahm “Deadfish” Emanuel reportedly said today that the House will still pass a new health-care bill by next week before Congress goes on summer recess. Despite Obama’s rambling, incoherent press conference and falling poll numbers on this health bill, at least some Democrats think they can just ram (or Rahm) this bill through before the break.

I find it strange that Emanuel would persist with this meme when Sen. Reid, Speaker Pelosi and the President himself have backed off getting this done by the break. In fact, Reid specifically says that he doesn’t have the votes. Pelosi says she has the votes, but I think that is a bald faced lie. If she had the votes then why have the committee votes have been cancelled for the past 2 days. She would have pushed this craptastic bill right on through if she thought she could do it. The fact is she probably does technically have the votes, she could almost certainly get enough Democrats lined to vote on the bill. What they don’t have is Republican cover, which is what they desperately need. They need Republicans to vote on this bill to so that it will seem bipartisan. Thus far Republicans are basically saying “If you want this piece of crap, you are going to have to eat it to”. So, trying to blame this whole thing on Republicans is just rhetoric, the fact is that there is a sizable number of Democrats who do not want to vote on this without cover, which they are not likely to get.

If we can push this through the break I think we have an excellent chance of defeating socialized Health-care this year. When the senators go home to their constituents, they are going to hear an ear full from those who just don’t want some of the things that are proposed. We don’t want a public option that specifically provides that if you ever leave your current private insurance you must join the public insurance. This is just a precursor to a single-payer system, which simply can’t work in a country that has a population of 300 million and an “undocumented” population of millions more. The system could not possibly sustain itself.

Emanuel thinks he can push a vote by next week, we need to make sure this doesn’t happen. Please continue to call your representatives, e-mail them, visit the local office. I can tell you that this makes a difference. I worked for Sen. Paul Simon (yes a Democrat, but he was a good Democrat) and I can tell you that we tallied the phone calls/letters and tried to gauge support on various issues and this would certainly affect how Sen. Simon would vote. Keep the pressure on this week and then lets see what happens.

Watch video of Rahm Emanuel House vote video regarding Health-care legislation: