G. Gordon Liddy was on Hardball with the ever lovely Chris Matthews to debate whether or not President Obama is a legitimate citizen of the United States or not. Liddy, the so called leader of the birther movement, says that Obama is not.

G Gordon Liddy Birther

G. Gordon Liddy

Of course in response to the accusation, the left wing kook media is in full throat. They claim that the birthers are “on the fringe” and “kooks”; talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Right now there are stories on Daily Kos, Think Progress, Salon, and of course Huffpo defending Obama and trashing G. Gordon Liddy.

Now being a conservative, I’m not totally sold on the birthers argument. Is Barack Obama a legitimate citizen of the United States and therefore a legitimate President? He most probably is, but for some unknown reason, he has not produced the birth certificate that would end the debate once and for all.

Do I think G. Gordon Liddy should carry the water for the conservative movement, no not really. It’s never really a good thing to have a convicted felon doing your heavy lifting. The whiners on the left have it pretty easy trying to discredit G. Gordon Liddy; they of course have Watergate to fall back on. They also have the copy of Obama’s certificate of live birth to look to, saying the question is answered, the debate is over. But is it?

There are those however, the left calls them birthers, who have legitimate concerns over the issue of Obama’s birth certificate. Let’s face it, you can’t go to World Net Daily without reading through ten birth certificate stories at any given time. The left says they’re crazy, but isn’t that the same type of argument the liberals tried to use against George W. Bush? He was illegitimate because he didn’t win the popular vote in 2000; true he didn’t, but how he won was constitutional, therefore the debate is over.

All G. Gordon Liddy and the birthers are asking for is a legal birth certificate to prove he’s legitimate; I wish he would produce one just so we can get on to matters of greater importance like healthcare and cap and trade. Those things need to be stopped legitimate President or not.

G. Gordon Liddy on Hardball