Apparently it’s not a good time to live in the UK, they have had over 100,000 new cases of the Swine Flu in just the last week according to reports. According to The Mail there are some serious consequences to such a rampart spread of the flu virus.

The Health Protection Agency yesterday said for the first time that the disease was probably at epidemic levels – or one in 500 people reporting flu-like illness.
It makes it the most virulent flu outbreak since the winter of 1999/2000, when 21,000 lost their lives.
The NHS is planning for up to 65,000 deaths from swine flu, with 30 per cent of the population – and 50 per cent of children – catching the infection. . .

Most of the new cases were children aged under 14 – dubbed ‘super spreaders’ of the virus by the chief medical officer.
A third of those who have died were aged under 15, and 20 per cent of those who ended up in hospital were under the age of five.

Wow, I mean, 1 in every 500 people, that is crazy. So at first I thought this who Flu story was frightening, the reports coming out of Mexico were confused and no one seemed to have a handle on what was really going on (Twitter was going mad). Then, after about a week, the whole fright died down and most American’s kind of just forgot about it. I have to wonder what has happened in the past week that would trigger a such a sudden increase in the number of flu victims, and why has it hit the UK so much and not the US to such a degree? 26 people died of the flue in the UK alone yesterday, that seems like something we might want to start concerning ourselves about.

Allow me to put on my tin foil hat for just a minute and wonder about the role of the pharmaceutical companies in this. This sure sounds like a great time to sell a flu vaccine if you happen to make one. In fact, apparently the US government just bought 195 million does of the H1N1 vaccine in preparation for the traditional flu season this fall. Sounds like someone made a lot of cash off that deal.

So, exit question is this much ado about nothing or is this strain of the flu something to be concerned about?

Here is a report from the BBC about this latest outbreak of the UK swine flu.