Michelle Obama has a new hair cut and everyone is abuzz about the style icon’s fashion sense and style. Check out the Michelle Obama new do below and photos and a video.

michelle obama new do

Michelle Obama New Do

Michelle Obama got a new hair cut. Her stylists have made a lot of progress in softening her look. If you look at photos of her from the beginning of the Obama campaign for the presidency to his inauguration, you can see that she’s had a lot of work done. All the while, the Effete EliteTM continue to hold her up as the most beautiful, classiest, most stylish, most feminine, most refined, most graceful First Lady ever to grace the White House as Hostess in Chief.

Well, now she’s gone an done it again. She’s gotten a new hair do and the world is aflutter with the very vision of her loveliness. She premiered the new do at a country music concert at the White House. It, the concert, was part of a music series the First Lady launched to encourage interest in art and art education.

Frankly, I don’t like the new hair do. It hardens her face and is too man-ish looking for an already overly masculine looking woman. Her longer hair could be styled to give her a softer look, in spite of her overly arched eyebrows. However, I can see how this new do can be styled in a softer fashion, if she’s still attempting to soften that harsh, angry, bitter look she was so well known for when she first came on the national scene.

So what do you think of the Michelle Obama new do? Is it a go or a no go? Check out the photos and video below for more pictures to use as comparison.

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Michelle Obama Before New Do – Photos

Michelle Obama Fasion Icon – Video

Photos: www.wenn.com
Carrie Devorah / WENN.com