Oh my! Rudy Guiliani, former mayor of NYC, and an awesome spokesperson for the GOP, decided to take the gloves off by giving some much needed advice to the Enlightened One, Barack Obama. Read more about it below, see photos, and watch the video.

Barack Obama Shut Up

Rudy Guiliani: Barack Obama ‘Shut Up!’

When the former mayor of NYC and GOP presidential contender appeared recently on ‘Hannity’ to talk about the Obama Health-care debacle plan and other subjects, a simple yet effective ‘teachable moment’ regarding the Gatesgate fiasco occurred. That lesson? Rudy Guiliani: Barack Obama ‘Shut Up!’

It was actually a fun exchange between Rudy and Hannity. They talked quite abit about the Healthcare debacle The One is trying to cram down our throats at breakneck speed. Rudy feels like most Americans: it has to be stopped. Here are some of Rudy’s thoughts on Obamacare:

“So far the damage that the Obama administration has done to our economy is very, very serious. I think more than any President has done ever, in a short period of time.

But most of it’s reversible. It’s about spending money, it’s about deficits, it’s about ultimately inflation. This would be almost irreversible…. Obama’s made all those big spenders look like amateurs.”

And on those faux Blue Dog Democrats? No mercy.

“They’re essentially not economic conservatives. they’re essentially either moderates or liberals in districts that require them to be that way. So they’re doing a show, rather than coming from the heart.”

But the best line of the entire interview came when Hannity brought up Gatesgate and the whole “Beer Summit teachable moment” issue. And Rudy, who can be so effective in times like this, didn’t disappoint. Yes. There is a teachable moment to be learned from Gatesgate but it’s directed toward President Oblahblah himself. According to Rudy Guiliani, it’s Barack Obama ‘Shut Up!’ You can watch the entire video below with the money quote beginning around the 6:20 mark.

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Rudy Guiliani Barack Obama ‘Shut Up!’ Video