Just in time for Barack Obama’s press conference tonite, you can join millions of others around the nation in a fun game of “Straw Man Bingo!” Read more about it below.


“Straw Man Bingo” card!

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office has released a fun, interactive viewer’s guide of sorts called “Straw Man Bingo” for tonight’s Press Conference on Healthcare, which begins at 8:00 p.m eastern time, starring the chief straw man himself, Barack Obama.

So how do you play “Straw Man Bingo”?

First start by getting your Straw Man Bingo card here. Each of the 24 squares (you get the middle square automatically, just like in real Bingo) represents a group of people whom The One has, at some point, blamed for delaying the progress of his latest boondoggle called ‘health care reform’. They include ‘naysayers'; ‘special interests'; ‘lobbyists'; ‘cynics'; ‘voices saying'; and, of course, ‘those on the other side’ — which at this point, includes the majority of Americans!

Though I love that some of the Republican Senate are actually growing a pair, they left off my favorite Obama-ism which is: “Let me be clear…”. That one should have double-value.

“Straw Man Bingo” is based on actual quotes from The One’s administration so you can track references to these anonymous evildoers during Barack Obama’s press conference that you can watch live here at Right Pundits!