Barrack Obama is giving a primetime news conference tonight. Obama is losing ground on selling his health care agenda to the American people. The hour is a commercial for health care. Health insurance was called medical insurance when I was growing up. Everyone that had it paid a a montly premium. It’s purpose was keep a family from going bankrupt in case of a medical catastrophe. It was not designed to pay all your health cost be free for all.

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King President Barry Obama

During the campaign he said we were in the worst economy since the Great Depression. It was not true but never waste a crisis is the motto for this administration. Now he has seen the polling and sees that the American people are turning away from his health care, his deficit spending and raising unemployment, which is at 16% in some states.

Obama is not leading by convection because he has none. His is leading by polls.

Wonder if he will mention that Members of Congress won’t be required to be on Obamacare. If they were, Ted Kennedy would have died because under the Obama plan it would be better to take the pain medicine then have surgery because of his age.

Wonder if he will mention that as the bill stands, you and I won’t be able to keep our coverage even though he admits not being familiar with that part of the bill.

Wonder if he will mention that when he was in the Senate he voted against reform of health care.

Wonder if he will mention that under Obamacare medical personal will be required to perform abortions regardless of their personal convictions on abortion.

Wonder if he will mention that of a population of nearly 305 million that only about 18% of Americans under 65 don’t have insurance. But that about 87% have cell phones. Priorities folks. Priorites.

Wonder if Obama will have to pay extra because he is a SMOKER.

Does your auto insurance provide free tires, oil and repairs on your car. If it did, we could not afford to own the car.

As for health care, we do need to reform some of it. But there are no bases for throwing the current system out and reinventing insurance. I have worked hard for the coverage I have and I pay for a part of the coverage. It is up to me not Congress to provide health care for my family. There are no Republican ideas in the bill. It is over 1,000 pages and for 233 years we have survived without government health care. Why must it be passed in the next 2 weeks? Oh I forgot. Health Care Reform Cannot Wait

This president is having a fit because we the people are pushing back and he thought we wanted ‘Change’ But he is more concerned with his presidency and legacy then about our rights and health.

Mr. Obama you are going interrupt one of the best shows on Wednesday nights. I am talking about Wipeout on ABC. See the videos below and decide which you would rather watch. Barry or Big Balls. You Decide

Wipeout is a silly game show with 24 people running an obstacle course which includes ‘Big Balls’. The 24 are trimmed down to 4 and then run a wet and wild obstacle course with the best time being the winner of $50,000. It is fun to see what people will do for money.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t recall Bush having any prime time news conferences broadcast on the four major networks other then right after the brutal terrorist attack against us after September 11, 2001. They were only on the cable news channels where they should be unless it involved a matter of national security.

President Obama’s news conference is just a commercial for health care. He will not offer anything new to the debate. Let’s face it. Obama can not measure up to the Big Balls on Wipeout.

ABC’s Wipeout on Wednesdays 8/7C

Obama giving his hourly news conferance