All signs are pointing to a Clinton-esque failure for Obama’s health care reform proposal.

Three polls now show that Obama’s support for health care reform has fallen under 50%:

Percentage supporting Obama on Health Care Policy:
CNN: 47%
ABC News: 49%
USA Today: 44%

For certain Obama-supporters who post on this site who cannot grasp basic mathematical concepts, that means a majority of people DO NOT support Obama’s health care policy. The lack of support for his health policy coincides with a noticeable drop in his overall approval rating, which we reported on here. Obama, who just six months ago was being proclaimed as invincible by the left, now has a lower approval rating six months into office than George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, or Jimmy Carter.

President Obama will address the nation regarding health care in a primetime news conference tonight. In that news conference, he is expected to press for health care reform BEFORE the end of this year’s Congressional session. Pressing for this so quickly, Obama’s team seems to smack of desperation. It’s almost like he’s saying, “Let’s get this through before everyone realizes what a complete disaster I’ve been.”

With Democratic majorities in both the House and Senate, one would think a Democratic President could get through a liberal plan for health care reform. However, even the Democrats are now publicly questioning their dear leader’s plan for health care.

As reported on CNN, many are saying: Why so soon, Mr. President? Expect to see this grumbling grow louder as public support for his socialist health care plan continues to plummet.

While many are proclaiming that health care will be Obama’s downfall, I say we should not quite celebrate yet. Clinton survived a defeat in health care. Obama can too, if the GOP does not learn from past mistakes.