President Obama’s healthcare bill would provide taxpayer funded abortion. At least that’s what the vague wording in the bill states. Office of Management and Budget director Peter Orszag was asked point blank if he was prepared to rule out taxpayer funded abortions in the healthcare bill. He was not.

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Healthcare Taxpayer Funded Abortion

Peter Orszag was on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace when he was asked the question, here is what he said:

“I think that that will wind up being part of the debate,” Orszag said on Fox News Sunday. “I am not prepared to say explicitly that right now. It’s obviously a controversial issue, and it’s one of the questions that is playing out in this debate….I’m not prepared to rule it out

We all know about the show Obama put on for the Pope, we all know about the lip service democrats give to pro-lifers by telling them that they want to reduce abortions. Considering that, tell me how abortions would be reduced if they are funded by taxpayer dollars? This would make them essentially free for those seeking abortions. From the healthcare bill:


SEC. 1920C. (a) STATE OPTION.—State plan approved under section 1902 may provide for making medical assistance available to an individual described in section 1902(hh) (relating to individuals who meet certain income eligibility standard) during a presumptive eligibility period. In the case of an individual described in section 1902(hh), such medical assistance shall be limited to family planning services and supplies described in 1905(a)(4)(C) and, at the State’s option, medical diagnosis and treatment services that are provided in conjunction with a family planning service in a family planning setting.

Obama’s healthcare bill is probably full of little details like this that the public isn’t aware of. Whether you’re for abortion or not, asking taxpayers to pay for it is immoral. Let’s flip it around on the libs, how about the next time I decide to purchase a 9mm they pay for it with their tax dollars. Man, could you hear the screaming then?

The abortion debate is controversial, and important; but this isn’t about abortion as much as it is about government spending our taxpayer dollars on something we may or may not agree with. Liberals are always screaming about choice; we should have a choice about healthcare funding abortions. I choose no.

Healthcare Taxpayer Funded Abortion