In the video below Buzz Aldrin punches a reporter in the face. Whoopi Goldberg doesn’t believe that it really happened either; the punch that is. As we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the moon landing it’s only fitting that the kooks come out of the woodwork as well. This one wishes he had stayed in the woodwork.

Buzz Aldrin Punches Reporter

Buzz Aldrin

Conspiracy theorists abound concerning the moon landing or lack thereof they say, and Buzz Aldrin isn’t taking it lightly. One conspiracy clown decided to take his opinion right too Mr. Aldrin; what he got in return was a little lesson in humility. Buzz Aldrin punched him in the chops.

Before you say that Aldrin overreacted to the loon, let’s think about that for a minute. Let us say that you were one of the very few men to risk your life and set foot on the moon. Forty years later, you have not only coo coo birds saying it never happened, but mainstream entertainers like Whoopi Goldberg. What would you have done?

Yes Whoopi tried to argue the point of the loony conspiracy theorists on “The View”. Even Barbara Walters was having none of that. Too bad Buzz Aldrin wasn’t there when Whoopi opened that lip of hers. Buzz Aldrin punches the guy in the face, big deal. He’s lucky that’s all that happened to him.

Ah, the loony left; don’t you just love how these wacko’s always find a way to tear down American accomplishments? Whoever this guy was, he is the epitome of crazy liberal kook. Buzz Aldrin punched him in the kisser for it, we need more Buzz Aldrins. Whether Whoopi believes it or not.

Buzz Aldrin Punches Reporter