Antichrist Movie

It sounds like the new movie “Antichrist” is sure to cause outrage and draw controversy, but this doesn’t seem to mind British film classifiers who gave it an “18” rating, which is similar to our R rating in the States. The movie “Antichrist” was received with mixed reviews at the Cannes Film Festival. Here is a description of the movie from The Daily Mail:

A couple are having sex. Graphically close-up. While they are doing so, their toddler falls to his death from a balcony.
The husband and wife go to stay in a log cabin to recover from their grief. There, horrors the likes of which I have never witnessed unfold in graphic detail. Eventually, the husband strangles her and escapes through the woods, where he is surrounded by hundreds of children with blurred faces. The end . . . The world of Antichrist, by contrast, is blatantly amoral, without any sense of justice or retribution whatever. Its mingling of sex and violence, the cheapest and nastiest trick in the book, is usually one which the BBFC pounces on in a straight horror film. But here they are blinded by their own cultural snobbery, swallowing the lie that Antichrist is Art.

Danish director Lars Von Trier in Cannes Von Trier, the film’s writer and director, naturally scorns as a philistine rabble those who don’t appreciate his rare genius.

‘I don’t think about the audience when I make a film. I don’t care. I make films for myself.’

Here is another strong description of scenes of the movie, they are very graphic, so I would invite the reader to proceed with caution:

The film has come under attack for its explicit sexuality, including the opening scene showing a toddler falling to its death while He and She have sex on the bed nearby. The film has also invited controversy for its graphic sexual violence. In one controversial scene, She hits His testicles with a wooden plank so hard that it is implied they are crushed. While He is unconscious, she masturbates him until he ejaculates blood. She then drills a hole through his shin to bolt him onto a grindstone. In a later scene, She cuts off her own clitoris with a pair of rusty scissors.

Ouch! Even the Cannes Film Festival, which is not known for their conservative views, declared the film to be “the most misogynist movie from the self-proclaimed biggest director in the world”. I’m not sure how this movie gets by with an R rating, I don’t think it would get that here in the states. I have noticed a certain drift in standards for movies in the last 20 years, and I guess this is just another step in that same direction. Even 20 years ago rated R movies were pretty tame by todays standards. They might have the occasional nude scene like Porky’s or something, but it didn’t take much to get get the rating folks all over you. This sounds like a pretty graphic and hardcore movie, I think I’ll pass on it.