Sec. of State Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

As part of her recent state visit to India, Sec. Hillary Clinton essentially apologized for the United States contribution to environmental problems like global warming and at the same time asked India and other developing countries to reduce their emissions.

Clinton is on a state visit to India meant to showcase trade and security ties and seek common ground on climate change and arms control. India has said it will reject any new treaty to limit global warming that makes it reduce emissions because that will undermine the country’s energy consumption, transportation and food security.

It’s obvious that neither India or China (who combined account for about 2 billion people) are interested at all in curbing any kind of emissions as this would impact their continued economic growth, I totally see their point.

“There is no question that developed countries like mine must lead on this issue and for our part, under President Obama, we are not only acknowledging our contributions to greenhouse gas emissions and climate change, we are taking steps to reverse its ill effects,” Clinton said. “It is essential for major developing countries like India to also lead because over 80 percent of the growth in future emissions will be from developing countries.”

The rest of the developing world is quite willing to sit back and watch the US destroy our economy by limiting energy use and over-taxing production in the name of the absurdity of global warming. It seems quite obvious that those same countries have no interest in doing the same thing to their own countries, and who could blame them. This story dovetails with another report that our own Commerce Secretary wants the US to pay for the carbon emissions from China because we buy so many goods from them. Its actions and statements like this that really make me wonder if Obama is intentionally trying to destroy our economy and has no real interest in a recovery. Initiating cap and trade legislation in the middle of this recession is akin to passing the Hoot-Hawley Tariff during the Great Depression, its complete idiocy.

It’s also quite clear that two of the fastest growing economies in the world (India and China) have no interest in participating in any kind of treaty that limits emissions or pollution in any way. They realize that energy is the key to growth, it always has been and always will be. They are not going to choke themselves to to appease Al Gore and the worshipers of Gaia. What is it with these liberals that they feel the need to go around the world and apologize for everything that we have done? That is not your job and the rest of the jackels out there don’t care if you apologize or not, all they care is to see us in a weakened position, and that is exactly what you are putting us in.