A Barack Obama Twitter account? Surely you are joking! But worse, we at Right Pundits are afraid to report that our president is more infatuated with mind-dumbing technology that almost anyone else in the video-game era.

Barack Obama Twitter

Barack Obama Twitters While Rome Burns

Yes, boys and girls, you can follow Barack Obama on Twitter, to find out what he eats in the morning, when he goes to the bathroom, and what exactly he thinks about those falling approval numbers. Since few would follow him into battle, surely you can follow him on Twitter.

Barack Obama sports exactly 1,774,597 followers as of July 20th 2009. That is perhaps the same amount who would vote for him today knowing what they know now.

But let’s not get too distracted. As a Twitter celebrity, Obama has above average numbers but not the best. His pop-culture rival, Britney Spears, has 2,457,761 followers. Lesbian supporter Ellen DeGeneres has 2,501,902 followers, while Ashton Kutcher has 2,826,889 followers.

What is far more alarming is that President Obama has the time to follow 769,018 average Americans on Twitter himself. No wonder the economy is falling apart. While Americans are joining the unemployment line, our heroic president is Twitter-ing to almost 2 million Americans and reading the diaries of almost 1 million others. Ellen DeGeneres only has the time to follow 26 other people while Ashton Kutcher has stretched himself thin to 184 people. My God, what is our president doing?

Barack Obama is following such lunimaries as “Danielle is Fun” at Twitter.com/danitelleisfun, whose last tweet was “bed time, dont let the bed bugs bite!!!” He is also following Twitter.com/LylaMeganMarsh, who appears to have a purely commercial interest as her last tweet to our president was “Learn the trick discovered by a mom to turn yellow teeth white for $5.” Not to be outdone, another Obama mentor named “squirtmocha16″ tells him that she “Can’t Sleep. On The Computer Doing Random Stuff.”

“Random Stuff” appears to define the Obama presidency so far. He is doing randomly bad things as president, and we now learn he is wasting an awful amount of time on Twitter. No wonder he can’t solve the health care crisis. Obama has tweeted 304 times in four months, an average of three times per day.

On July 15th in the midst of recession, our president found the time to tweet four separate times. In summary of those presidential tweets, we can dutifully report that he spoke with nurses, cares about college graduates, thinks that the club-mouthed Sotomayor speaks for herself, and is super duper glad that Judy Chu was elected to Congress. He is so obsessed with Twitter that he announces news conferences on it.

To allow the president more time to do the people’s business, we at Right Pundits have blocked the President of the United States from following our vaunted Twitter page at http://Twitter.com/RightPundits. After all, we have more important things to do than read Obama’s Twitter page, and are a little embarrassed that he would be following us. God help us all.

Barack Obama Twitter
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