Bowe R. Bergdahl is a U.S. soldier captured in southeastern Afghanistan by the Taliban. He has been missing since June 30, 2009. He is a member of 1st Battalion, 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division.

Today, the Taliban released a video showing Bowe R. Bergdahl as their hostage. In the video, Bergdahl states that the date is July 14.

The Taliban has Bergdahl state on camera that there is a way for America to secure his release, and ensure that all U.S. troops are safe: To withdraw from Afghanistan. The message is almost directly addressed at Obama, who campaigned with the full support of the peace movement, and who the nation viewed as the peace candidate.

I have a question for the peace movement now. Isn’t this exactly the kind of thing that caused you to take the streets against George W. Bush? Weren’t you holding up signs that said “End This War Now”? Should those signs have included a disclaimer “Unless You Mean An Endless War in Afghanistan, Which Is Just Fine.”

At last check, the war was still going on in Afghanistan, and won’t end anytime soon. In fact, Obama has expanded this war under his administration, and stated that it will not end in his first four years. U.S. troop deaths have increased dramatically this month. The war in Iraq is still going on, with violence escalating in the past few weeks. We have withdrawn from urban areas, but this has only served to make the insurgents bolder so far, with almost daily bombings.

So……all of this is okay, so long as the President is a Democrat that you like?

Hypocrites. Either protest Obama, or admit that you have no real ideology.

Bowe R. Bergdahl