The next two weeks will be health care, health care, health care.

Barack Obama has devoted much of his political capital on passing health care reform. It was the issue that derailed Bill Clinton’s administration in its first year, and the GOP is looking to make health care reform Obama’s first major defeat in 2009.

Barack Obama has made health care reform the central issue for the first year of his presidency. His legacy, he believes, rides on this. According to Obama, we can’t afford NOT to pass health care reform. In an era of multi-trillion dollar deficits, we need to create yet another government bureaucracy, which according to President Obama will somehow NOT increase our deficit.

In some insane twist of logic, Obama claims that his national health care will reduce government costs. Also, note the promises Obama makes in this speech:

1) Deficits will not increase
2) You will keep your choice of doctor
3) He will reduce your health care costs

How is all of this possible?

It’s not.

As Michelle Malkin points out, there is no way ANY of this is true.

Obama does not offer much in the way of specifics, because the specifics do not exist. Even centrist Democrats are balking at Obama’s health care plan because they do not believe that it is feasible as reported here.

This is just another ill-advised Obama fantasy that will send trillions of taxpayer dollars down the toilet.

Obama Health Care Address