Walter Cronkite, the face and voice of CBS news from 1962 until 1981, has passed away.
CBS vice president Linda Mason says Cronkite died at 7:42 p.m this evening with his family at his bedside.
In 1972 Walter Cronkite was voted “The most trusted man in America” and rightfully so during that time.

Mr. Cronkite was the voice most of us heard when we found out that JFK had died. Those of us with television access saw the tears well and fall from his eyes during the announcement. We watched him again as he struggled with MLK, then RFK’s assassinations. Heck, we watched him faithfully even when there was nothing newsworthy.

He commented almost nightly on the Viet Nam War, dared to show pictures and footage. He showed us glimpses of Woodstock, and tried to tell us about the dangers of drugs, particularly heroin. He pulled no punches over Watergate or the Iranian crisis. The man was just there, like a good, protective parent…trying to inform his brood about the concerns of our time.

He had a profound impact on my generation. I will never forget the night in 1971 when he was discussing a possible link between heroin addicted pregnant women and their babies. I was pregnant then, sipping a vodka martini, and after listening to him explain what he knew, I wondered if my baby was getting drunk from my martini. I was stunned when I couldn’t find out the answer that night. But that story sent me on a mission to find out.
( For those very few that don’t know, yes, alcohol gets in your babies bloodstream…don’t drink while pregnant ).

Walter Cronkite signed off each night with “that’s the way it is on”…month…date…year and there was something familiar and comforting in that statement.

Do you have a favorite Walter Cronkite memory/story/ anecdote, that you’d care to share with the young folks that read here? Feel free to tell us.

Walter Cronkite, “the most trusted man in America”, has died . And that’s the way it is, on Friday. July 17. 2009.

Goodnight, Sir. Rest in Peace.