There have been numerous reports in the media lately that Hillary Clinton is being reduced to a very minimal role in the Obama administration. Is Hillary Clinton being benched?

Hillary clinton 1

Hillary Clinton

Last month, Hillary Clinton broke her elbow in a fall, and since then she has not been in the spotlight. As Secretary of State during two wars, one would expect her to be in the news more. But so far, she seems to have little influence, with most foreign policy initiatives being done by Obama himself.

Where has Hillary Clinton been?

Her only notable appearance in the news lately was to criticize Barack Obama for his vetting process, which apparently takes too long for her taste. CNN, as reported here, said she “slammed” Obama on the delay of vetting foreign policy appointees (though I think that story is highly over-dramatized)

Some believe the role of the State Department is being usurped by the National Security Council, and that Hillary Clinton’s role is being reduced as a result.

Whatever the reason, the dream alliance between Obama and Clinton that was touted in 2008, hardly seems like an alliance at all at this point. It seems that Obama is asking Hillary to be somewhere in the background, so that he can bask in the spotlight alone.

However, never, ever, ever underestimate a Clinton. Somehow, I don’t think she is enjoying her reduced role, and I suspect she will find a way to sneak back into the spotlight.