Rarely are we as shocked as we are today. View the Martellus Bennett ‘Black Olympics’ video filmed with his brother Michael Bennett and tell us what you think in the comments. Both are professional football players playing for the Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Seahawks respectively.

Martellus Bennett

Black Olympics: Racial Stereotyping is Not the Change We Were Looking For

The so-called “black Olympics” video is wrong on so many levels. On the one hand we do need to lighten up as a nation and stop taking everything so seriously. On the other hand, racial stereotyping is not the way to make fun of ourselves.

In the video, Martellus Bennett with his brother Michael compete in competitions ranging from eating fried chicken and watermelon to drinking Kool-aid. Read more about it here and here and here.

This story reminds me of our painful history of race relations in sports. In the old negro-leagues, all-black teams would occasionally play major league baseball teams for exhibition. The black players were roundly jeered by the spectators, and there is one famous incident of a white major league professional player rolling a watermelon on to the field.

That is a painful part of our past that this president ought to be changing, but Obama is afraid or unwilling to discuss race relations in any meaningful way. He is not affecting change, and thus we expect to see offensive videos like the ‘black Olympics’ making it’s way around the internet today on Youtube. Where is the leadership for Martellus Bennett to follow?

Incidentally the players vocally supported Obama in the last election, Your thoughts?

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