Meet Elizabeth Creekmore Byrd, at the center of a firestorm involving Leisha Pickering who is the wife of GOP Congressman Chip Pickering of Mississippi. Elizabeth Creekmore Byrd is being sued by Chip Pickering’s wife for a very unusual legal claim of ‘alienation of affection’ as his unwanted (alleged) girlfriend. See photos and video here.

Leisha Pickering

Leisha Pickering vs. Elizabeth Creekmore Byrd

Apparently she is mad that he won’t get it up for wife anymore, and this is all Elizabeth Creekmore Byrd’s fault according to the lawsuit. Ah, the other woman finally sued. If it were the norm, Bill Clinton would have left a trail of bankruptcy behind him.

Read more about it here and here and here.

The alleged adulterer has issued a statement of his own: “I still believe it is in the best interest of our five boys if our differences are resolved privately and before the appropriate court and not in the media.”

That makes sense, which leave us wanting a Elizabeth Creekmore Byrd biography. What could she possibly have that Chip Pickering’s wife is missing? Our guess is nothing. Men want what they don’t possess already. And let’s remember that this relationship is alleged rather than proven.

The unhappy political couple are now in divorce proceedings, a part of which our Elizabeth Creekmore Byrd will undoubtedly play thanks to the wife.

Leisha Pickering claims that the relationship with her powerful husband began while they were in college, and subsequently was rekindled after their marriage. Boo.

One wonders why any respectable woman would marry a politician. A biography ought to include mating with plumbers and electricians. Michelle Obama herself alluded to Barack’s infidelities in a magazine interview in 2008. The allure of a sugar daddy seems too much for some women.

Elizabeth Creekmore Byrd photos would be nice so please leave sources in the comments. Meanwhile deal with Leisha Pickering photos below. She is a looker, go figure the cad.

Leisha Pickering
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