After being cleared of all ethics complaints filed against her, Sarah Palin is now the subject of yet another. Andree Mcleod, Sarah Palin ethics violation queen, has filed the 18th ethics charge against Palin; her fourth personally.

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Andree Mcleod, a woman who has filed multiple ethics charges against Palin, has levied yet another charge against Sarah Palin saying that she owes the state money for time spent away campaigning for the Vice-Presidency. When have you ever heard of a prospective candidate being charged with ethics violations just simply for running for higher office? This is a first for me.

The official ethics complaint says that Sarah Palin abused the power of her office by accepting a salary and using state staff while campaigning outside of Alaska with John McCain. Andree Mcleod says that Palin should have given authority over the state to incoming Governor Parnell. She says that Palin in essence signed away her authority. From the NewsMiner:

“The reason this is so serious is because the transfer of power should have taken place but did not,” McLeod said Tuesday.

Honestly, is Andree Mcleod really going to waste time with this ridiculous charge of ethics violations? It’s simply amazing the lengths at which some will go to see this woman brought down. You’d think it would be enough that she resigned due to the toll that these 15 other dismissed ethics claims took on her financially and mentally. Evidently, it’s not enough.

Andree Mcleod is a registered Republican, but that doesn’t really mean much. Sarah Palin had a way of rubbing even those in her own party the wrong way. But honestly I think Andree Mcleod, Palin ethics violation queen, has an unhealthy obsession with Sarah Palin; or maybe just an unhealthy obsession with ethics complaints or just complaining for that matter.

I’ll give you the argument that Sarah Palin should have formally put someone in charge when she left the state to campaign. But anyone with half a brain would just assume that the Lt. Governor was in charge, it’s not like she couldn’t be reached at a moment’s notice. Unlike another Governor I know, could you please stand up Mr. Sanford?

Andree Mcleod’s Sarah Palin ethics violation kick is just annoying; plain and simple; too bad for the people of Alaska that it was stuff like this that is taking from them quite possibly the finest governor in America.

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