The Social Security Administration held a motivational management conference last week in Phoenix at the 4-star Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa. The SSA conference cost taxpayers $700,000.00.

Just when you think you’ve heard every ridiculous excuse to party on the taxpayers dime, along comes another. This one involves SSA employees and their families enjoying lots of great food, drinks, gorgeous rooms and dancing. Apparently, it was an all around great party time. They were treated to dance lessons, trips to the local casino and relaxing by the pool. When questioned about this expense during these challenging economic times a spokesperson from the SSA’s regional office said: the conference was essential, that teleconferencing was not an option, and that all 675 managers needed to meet in person.

When they were called on the carpet by Congress, the SSA spokespeople were quick to point out they booked the rooms for $85 a night, versus the normal $400. Hmmm … was William Shattner around? If he negotiated the price then this would be ok, yes? Sorry folks, I just have to keep telling myself this is a joke or a commercial gone awry.

The Social Security Administration also stated the whole conference was up for bid, all employees flew coach and they offered courses in: Techniques to Empower You, Mentoring the Generations and Emotional Intelligence. Oh good grief!

Does the SSA need such courses? They aren’t empowered enough by keeping you on hold for 45 minutes, only to tell you to hang up and call back? Most of you do not realize that it’s rare to actually talk with any human at SSA on the same day you call. When you go to an office, it’s “take a number, hurry up and wait”. You’re lucky if you’re seen the same day you show up. Have an appointment? Hah! That truly falls under ROFLMAO. Good luck with that.

It feels like mistakes and mishandling are rampant within this department. Once the mistakes are made they seem almost impossible to correct. The SSA recently decided I was dead and notified the folks that pay my pension. Its been two months and I’m still dead, even though I swear I can see my fingers moving as I type. This is because someone at Social Security forgot to put a hyphen where one should be and also transposed a number. I’d probably be fine with their party hardy let’s spend the taxpayer’s money plan if they included classes on how to admit you made a mistake, then correct it.

But wait … we’re talking government employees here, under a liberal administration that so loves to spend money that doesn’t belong to them.

I’m not the only unhappy citizen about this waste. Members of Congress are giving the Social Security Administration just two days to turn over all records about a $700,000 management conference at the Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa.

I wish I could find comfort in Congress investigating anything, but I don’t. I find this whole Social Security Administration conference/party a slap in the face to everyday citizens … many that can’t even afford a loaf of bread in today’s economy. The person(s) that gave the ok for this wasteful and idiotic $700,000 debacle should be fired and forced into community service at a senior citizens center. Shame on the whole lot of them, and shame on Obama for allowing it to happen.

Your thoughts?

Social Security Conference $70,0000 – Video