As I scanned the various news services tonight I wasn’t too surprised when I saw that officials in Iran have exposed their plan to annex Iraq. I guess the Islamic Revolution has no borders.

(New York Times article)
The ambassador, Hassan Kazemi Qumi, said Iran was prepared to offer Iraqi forces training, equipment and advisers for what he called “the security fight.� In the economic area, Mr. Qumi said, Iran was ready to assume major responsibility for the reconstruction of Iraq, an area of notable failure on the part of the United States since American-led forces overthrew Saddam Hussein in the invasion nearly four years ago.

The Iranians have been supplying combat expertise, advisers, munitions, explosives, and financing to the Shiite militias in order to keep Iraq destabilized since the beginning or the war in Iraq. Now, as predicted, the Iranians are in the process of installing a satellite government in Baghdad in order to complete goal of forming an Iranian/Iraqi coalition government.

The Iranian government’s tactics to gain cooperation from the Iraqi government are similar to those used by the pimps that hang out in bus station terminals looking for young runaways to take under their wing. Ahmadinejad’s regime is offering to solve all of Iraq’s problems, but in exchange the Iraqis will have to offer something in return, but the $64,000 question is, what will that offer be?

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